Bad Biology (2009)
Directed by Frank Henenlotter

Starring Anthony Sneed Charlee Danielson Laura Pelage Mark Wilson Megan McGee

"I was born with seven clits. Well, seven that I know of." That's the opening line of Frank Henenlotter's sixth film and pretty much sets the tone. A sexually explicit camp comedy ride filled with choice cuts of dialogue and John Waters-style acting.

His first film since the early 1990s, "Bad Bilogy" is intelligent, funny and sick as hell -- but it isn't as freaky as his best film, "Brain Damage", and ultimately not as good as most of Henenlotter's other films. It feels a bit too much like a John Waters movie than a Henlotter film.

The film's fashion photographer heroine Jennifer, played by Charlee Danielson, is indeed a woman with seven clits. A black widow-like lover obsessed with sex, she picks up men in bars, screws, photographs, then kills them. After sex, it only takes a short time for her to give birth to a mutant baby, which she discards in the trash or leaves to die in a bathtub. "It's not a real baby," she tells the audience. "Real babies take nine months to grow. Mine take two hours. Which means my babies aren't real babies. My babies are fake, unfinished, freak babies!"

Convinced that God has made her a freak to eventually have sex with her, she isn't aware that her true love match lives in New York City -- in the form of Batz, a deformed male (Anthony Sneed) with a giant dick that has its own consciousness, a mind of its own. Of course his penis eventually separates itself from its hosts body and goes on a sexual rampage in the film's "Skinemax" moment.

"Bad Biology" is ultimately a good movie, but the film didn't deliver the "return of a master" experience that the first Henenlotter film in more than 15 years could have and perhaps should have delivered. It's no "Frankenhooker."

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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