Black Devil Doll (2009)
Directed by Jonathan Lewis

Starring Christine Svendsen Heather Murphy Natasha Talonz

Made on a shoestring budget near Oakland, Calif., "Black Devil Doll" may go down as a classic. That is if it can be seen by enough people. It's probably the most tasteless independent movie since John Waters was cranking out his stuff in the 1970s, out-sleazing even the raunchiest of Troma films.

Starring a small cast of strippers, led by uber-hottie Heather Murphy, one dorky guy and a Black Panther dummy, "Black Devil Doll" takes place almost entirely inside a single home. The Chucky-like events of the film are sparked by execution of a black militant dubbed Mumia abu Jabal (tastelessly named after real life death row inmate Mumia Abu Jamal, whom many believe serves time in prison even though he's innocent). The fictional Mumia of "Black Devil Doll" was sentenced to die for murdering "15 caucasian women" in a fit of rage, apparently over racial injustice.

We then meet our lead star, Heather Murphy, an insanely voluptuous actress who looks like she plopped straight out of a Russ Meyer film. Playing with a Ouija Board one night, with a Howdie Doodie doll right next to her, she unwittingly resurrects the spirit of Mumia who -- in the film's biggest special effect -- transmits via energy beam into her living room and takes over the doll, turns it into a soul brother, and immediately begins banging her.

After a long romance, during which Heather blows off her wanna-be-black but unfortunately white boyfriend, Black Devil Doll explains to her that he needs more than just one woman to satisfy his sexual needs. Totally under his sexual spell, Heather invites a bunch of her friends over for an afternoon, and leaves to let Black Devil Doll do his thing. Naturally, the film moves into standard killer-doll slasher territory, and he kills the lot of them. Surprisingly, the gore effects are actually pretty good.

It's impossible to reveal too much more about "Black Devil Doll" without spoiling the film's major jokes. Needless to say, it's a hell of a fun, tasteless movie that goes about earning its X rating as it kills off most of its cast, and exploiting Heather Murphy's ample bosom as much as possible -- which is pretty much every scene in the movie she's in.

Director Jonathan Lewis managed to put together a hilarious, over-the-top, sex-filled gorefest on a shoestring budget -- and somehow managed to afford James Bond-style opening credits for the event.

This is simply the kind of horror grindhouse movies that used to be made -- but for the most part can't be made today because of political correctness. Lewis showed some real balls making a film that's so far out there on the political correctness scale. This film is demeaning to just about everything and everyone.

Hopefully, this film will get the distribution it deserves as it may be destined to become the ultimate drunken college party film. Well worth seeing with an audience if you have the chance.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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