Asylum Erotica (1971)
Directed by Fernando Di Leo

Starring Jane Garret John Karlsen Klaus Kinski Margaret Lee

Bad muzak, leering cinematography of nubile young female insane asylum patients, terrible dubbing and a long-haired Klaus Kinski all add up for one rather kick-ass piece of Euro-sleaze. It was once released on video here under the god-awful title "Slaughter Hotel," even though it isn't even set in a hotel.

The setting is an insane asylum populated entirely by gorgeous women, who don't seem all that insane to begin with. The story: Some of them are being slaughtered by a mysterious, sword-wielding maniac, although the murders are few and far between. To add to the gravity of the situation, the girls are all so horny—and dressed so provocatively—doctors can't keep them in line.

"I'm not sick doctor," says one patient. "I don't know why I'm here. I didn't want to kill myself or anyone else. I'm not one of those of those mad people who need you. I just want to make love. Make love, that's all." "Your desire to make love is excessive, repulsive," her doctor advises. "Go and take a shower."

It's amazing how many hot babes find themselves in one single asylum. There isn't one ugly woman in the entire bunch.

The murders are few and far between, with the whole emphasis of the film being on naked babes, sex and Kinski looking as intense and charismatic as ever, smoking cigarettes and dressed in threads so groovy they give Austin Powers a run for his money. There's also a hilarious tribal lesbian dance scene. One of the sex-starved asylum babes is Sara Bay of "Lady Frankenstein" fame.

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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