Alien Contamination (1981)
Directed by Luigi Cozzi

Starring Ian McCulloch Louise Marleau

Truly lame Italian imitation of the classic "Alien." Like "Zombie," it has an abandoned ship floating into New York. When cops discover deadly alien eggs on board—which totally look like the eggs in the original "Alien"—they suddenly find themselves exploding, guts spilling everywhere. Naturally, the authorities want to find out what they hell is going on.

Someone remembers that there was a "Mars mission" a few years back and a surviving astronaut had babbled something about "eggs." So they head to South America in search of the astronaut, played by balding hero stud McCulloch, last seen in the much better Lucio Fulci film "Zombie."

They eventually find a giant alien laying eggs. The same concept was actually imitated later in James Cameron's "Aliens." But while this film bores to tears that one at least excited the hell out of people.

The one saving grace of this film is the excellent score by Goblin. A must-see for hardened fans of Italian gore films of the 1980s that should definitely be avoided by everyone else.

Cozzi is famous for directing rip-offs of highly successful American movies. In fact, I even remember seeing this film profiled in "Famous Monsters" as a kid, and literally thinking it was a sequel to "Alien." What an important childhood memory for a man to cherish!

Cozzi also did the long forgotten "Starcrash" (a copy of "Star Wars") with Caroline Munro and Joe Spinnell (who reunited for "Maniac") and a few "Hercules" films starring Lou Ferrigno, released after the success of "Conan: The Barbarian."

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-- Review by Lucius Gore

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